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Steve Fretzin Business Development Coach

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Steve Fretzin will help grow your book of business

There is no dispute that business development coaching and training will improve your book of business.  Therefore, the question is by how much, and is it sustainable over a career?

Then, if you took the time to research legal coaches for yourself, you would probably read reviews on their websites which say things like, “great sounding board” or “it provided a good framework.”

When looking to invest in yourself, wouldn’t you rather read one of the following?:

  • “Doubled my book of business”
  • “Had my best year ever”
  • “Received a 248% return on my investment”

These quotes are just a small fraction of the feedback I continuously receive  from happy clients, as a result of my approach. So if you are looking to grow your book of business to double or triple in size, you should consider reaching out today for a complimentary consultation with Steve Fretzin, author and attorney coach.

Go to  the  Services page to learn more about what I can do for you and the level of engagement we may have.

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Steve works with attorneys to grow their books faster and with less effort than they ever thought possible