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When we’re done with you, you’ll never have to “sell” or “pitch” again.

At a lull in your law firm business development? The problem may be your approach to sales. So what is the fundamental problem with traditional selling?  The typical seller is all about selling rather than questioning and listening. No wonder people can’t stand to deal with most of them.

We need to learn how to move our prospects through a buying decision smoothly, step by step, so they can feel better about a win-win outcome.

It’s a client acquisition process Steve teaches called “Sales-Free Selling.”

When we employ the most effective plans to succeed, a predictable process for success and a measurable way of performance improvement (our “3 P’s” methodology) to business development, we can position ourselves to generate more new business, with less effort expended. We have helped hundreds of attorneys to double or even triple their books through Steve’s proven program. Whether you want to be a great golfer, musician or even a chef, the three P’s methodology just makes sense.


This is how growing a book of business is always supposed to be. Develop the perfect plan, execute a process to obtain more clients, and improve as you go.  Attorneys, like you are seeing incredible results.

Don’t you deserve to experience what that feels like?

Planning + Process + Performance = Success