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Sales Free Selling

Sales Free Selling.  What is the benefit to me?

Here is a brief synopsis of Sales Free Selling:

If you actively work on legal marketing, you probably despise the negative perception that is often associated with the word “sales”. Consequently, the aggressive sales approaches that created this perception are now completely obsolete. The truth? No one enjoys the process of being sold something.

Sales-Free Selling explores the lives of three business professionals, one of which is an attorney. They are all struggling to make it in a competitive work environment. Traditional methodologies of selling are simply not working. Everything changes, however, when they meet Scott, a business development coach with a fresh twist that inspires them to succeed like never before.

Therefore, in using this approach, you can bring yourself to the top of the legal marketing food chain without ever selling again.

sales free selling

Steve Fretzin is an elite provider of business development coaching and traning primarily to lawyers