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mid market law firm

The Situation: Make a Compelling Case for Business Development by Starting Small

After speaking with a Managing Partner at a midsized law firm to see if there was a “good fit” to work with the firm on a larger scale, Steve agreed to coach and advise one attorney. A young and ambitious lawyer named Adam was selected.  Adam committed to investing six months of his time to learn business development and marketing best practices from Steve.

The Process: Creating A Customized Plan with Role Playing and Consistent Execution

A clear assessment of Adam’s strengths and weaknesses was the result of a two-hour “jump start” coaching session with Steve.  Steve gave Adam a customized prospecting plan with goals to achieve by specific dates.

In addition, Adam joined Steve’s weekly attorney business development class, where he:

  • Debriefed his prospecting experiences with other professional services practitioners
  • Studied interactive lectures on better networking processes
  • Participated in role playing sessions to practice the skills taught and improve weekly
  • Learned to execute Steve’s processes at a high level so that he not only understood the content but could also track his improved activity for closing more business.

The Results: Business Increased By 140% Within One Year

Adam’s confidence to bring in new clients for his law office is now at an all-time career high. With a more specific and individual attorney lead generation, prospecting, and marketing plan, he can now:

  • Focus on the prospecting activities and frequency that produces the most positive results
  • Drive quality introductions through a more formalized process
  • Improve time management and qualifying via setting stronger agenda setting during meetings and more thoughtful questions to uncover compelling reasons to use his legal services

VIDEO LESSON: Watch Steve make live call to his clients for quality introductions


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"In the year after working with Steve, I more than tripled my volume of legal business and had one of my most profitable years in my 25 years of practicing law." -Neville R