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The Situation: Break Out of a Business Slump and Ensure Greater Peace of Mind

When a senior partner at a boutique law firm was seeking business development coaching and training for one of their income partners, he approached Steve for help. Steve met with Nick and evaluated his issues, concerns and needs. Nick’s problem stemmed from being a “worker bee’ at the firm and never going out to develop his own contacts. Steve pushed back on Nick to understand his commitment to changing his role at the firm and developing his own book of business. With his commitment to aggressively address his challenges head-on, Nick engaged in a six-month program with Steve.

The Process: Getting to the Compelling Reasons – and Decision Maker – Faster

A one-on-one meeting with Steve supplied Nick with the foundation to get comfortable with the idea of balancing his work and business development efforts. Steve helped Nick to develop a custom plan and tracking tool to get him started in the right direction. In addition, they worked together to set activity goals that would not be overwhelming. Both Steve and Nick agreed that the plan was sound and workable.  But this was only the beginning.

Nick was also invited into Steve’s weekly sales program, in which he was able to share his greatest challenges with other participants in the legal services space.

During this period Nick also learned to:

  • Find out how his prospects make high-impact decisions
  • Discover the real decision maker with whom he needed to speak to
  • Apply new strategies to uncover budgets
  • Use commitment questions to recognize what the prospect was thinking or feeling

In addition to the class and one-on-one time, Nick also had Steve’s coaching at his disposal for those times when he encountered a challenging moment in his prospecting activities. This personal attention played a major role in helping Nick through each problem and moving him forward in his progress. The weekly program and one-on-one time with Steve changed Nick permanently in how he approached obtaining new clients.

The Results: Success Breeds More Success

Nick had wasted a fair amount of time in his legal career doing other people’s work. His new plan and approach allowed him to create hundreds of thousand of dollars of origination that he could continue to build off of.  Nick’s new approach created an element of confidence for him, showing him that he had it inside of him all of the time. He now balances his work and business development efforts to move up the ladder within his small firm. Nick has told Steve on more than one occasion that he’d like to have his name on the door someday. Now he actually has a shot at it.

VIDEO LESSON: Watch Steve make live call to his clients for quality introductions


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"Before working with Steve my sales had been flat for the past number of years. In addition to motivating me, Steve gave me the tools I had been missing to take things to the next level. Today my new business stats are way up and growing every day!" -Nick S