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solo attorney

The Situation: A Solo Attorney, Looking for a Solution

Bill, a veteran attorney in the Chicagoland area, approached Steve with a unique challenge – his practice was in a slump for the first time in 20 years. The phone had stopped ringing and fear was setting in. Bill was losing sleep thinking about his practice and how he could turn it around. In researching sales help on-line, he found Steve and his company Sales Results, Inc. After calling and having a 10 minute chat with Steve, they decided to have a more formal meeting at Steve’s office in the loop.

Steve asked questions and quickly uncovered where Bill’s gaps were and what it would take to resolve them. Bill felt strongly that Steve understood his needs and could help him resolve things quickly.  Determined to get his practice back on track, he committed to working closely with Steve in his program for six months.


The Process: Getting Prospecting Down to a System Bill Can Bank on

Beginning with a two hour “jump start” session in which he worked closely with Steve one-on-one, Bill was excited to re-establish himself in the marketplace. They worked on a plan that would achieve his goals within 12 months. Bill’s plan was very well defined and even had a tracking system in place to ensure sustainability. Steve would receive weekly activity journals from Bill to ensure each specific task was being met on its assigned date.

To complement his one-on-one training, Bill would engage in Steve’s weekly business development program. The two hour program covered such areas as:

  • Using key strategies to find low hanging fruit
  • The importance of setting agendas to control all networking and prospect meetings
  • Asking effective questions to understand a prospective clients pain points
  • Discovering the prospect’s compelling reasons to move forward and retain him

Over the course of six months and learning the material backed by three different books and a set of CD’s, Bill utilized the lessons learned to reach a higher level of activity while tracking his opportunities to close more new business than ever before.

The Results: 25% Improvement Over Best Previous Year

Bill’s activity has never been higher due to having a reliable and sustainable prospecting plan. He doesn’t have to wait for the phone to ring to find new business. Those inbound calls are now simply icing on the cake. Within one year of participating in Steve’s program, Bill has seen phenomenal results already and is on pace to set new high numbers from his marketing and business development activities.

VIDEO LESSON: Watch Steve make live call to his clients for quality introductions

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"After working with Steve I had my best year ever. By 25%!!" - Bill T.