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Steve Fretzin’s business development coaching services are built around his 3 P’s MODEL.  Plan, Process, Performance.  With this guideline, you develop the perfect plan, execute a process to obtain more clients, and improve as you go.   Hundreds of attorneys have doubled or tripled their books of business through Steve’s program.

Identify the best level of engagement you can have with Steve Fretzin.   His services are:

  1. Individual Attorney Coaching – Steve’s six-month coaching and training program for individual attorneys will show you how to ditch the tired old pitch meeting. Instead, use a smarter process to walk the prospect through a buying decision.
  2. Group Attorney Coaching –  This includes individual plans for all participants, proven strategies for growing a book, and tools to ensure sustainability.
  3. Attorney Seminars / Workshops –  Examples of topics covered are: networking, developing strategi partners, relationship building, driving, the art of selling without selling, effective questioning techniques, client retention.
  4. Law Firm Retreats – Looking to shake things up at your next law firm retreat? Bring in Steve Fretzin and make business development part of your firm’s culture.
  5. The Lawyers Resource  – For over 10 years, Steve has been working as a resource for attorneys looking for new legal position.  He has access to a network of attorneys.  Steve can also advise on the top resources that attorneys need to build a successful practice.
  6. Origination Station –  Origination Station is an E-Learning platform that provides tools, training, and support, needed to build a successful law practice.
Fretzin, Inc. is an elite provider of legal business development coaching, training, recruiting and business networking. We are all about results.