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Attorney Seminars/Workshops

attorney seminars and workshop

Attorney Seminars and Workshop

Wait a Minute… They Didn’t Teach This in Law School!  Learn more about Steve Fretzin’s attorney seminars and workshop.

Business development has dramatically changed over the past fifteen years, and not for the better. The truth is that it’s never been more challenging to find new business than today. Any information that helps you drive new business is critical to staying ahead of the curve.

The seminars and workshops presented by Steve Fretzin will be fun, interactive and highly informative. No one want’s to fall asleep during a presentation anyway, it’s embarrassing. Here’s what seminar participants have been saying about Steve’s seminars:

“A stroke of Brilliance” Sue Robinson, Marketing Director at Chuhak & Tecson

“I would recommend Steve to any law firm that wants to succeed.” John Riccione, Managing Partner at Aronberg Goldgehn

“His material was presented in a highly entertaining, engaging and usable format” Steven Shape, Attorney

“The impact has been significant both for our newest and most experienced people” Alan Levitz, President GCG Financial

Topics we are asked to speak on include:

  1. Networking (basic and advanced)
  2. Developing your strategic partner dream team
  3. Social media
  4. Business planning
  5. Relationship building
  6. Driving top line sales
  7. The art of selling without selling
  8. Effective questioning techniques
  9. Qualifying and closing sales
  10. Client implementation and retention

You can find a complete list of upcoming business development seminars and workshops on our calendar of upcoming events.

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"I had the pleasure of attending a couple of Steve's seminars and was very impressed with the force and strength of his presentations. Personable, passionate, focused, and even fun, Steve imparts valuable knowledge and techniques that will benefit anyone prepared to implement them." Mark K.