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Individual Attorney Coaching

business development for lawyers

Nobody is a “born seller.” And no one needs to be! Learn more about Steve Fretzin’s individual attorney coaching and business development for lawyers.

You’ve got as good an opportunity as anyone to build a successful book. You may not know this, but business development for lawyers is a learned skill. Steve has helped attorneys, actuaries, CPA and even engineers to become assassins when developing new business. His six-month coaching and training program for individual attorneys will show you how to ditch the tired old pitch meeting and instead use a smarter process to walk the prospect through a buying decision. The customized coaching you’ll receive from Steve during your time with him is unlike any other, as you learn how to plan and execute like you’ve been a successful business developer the whole time.

Clients that went through this very program have said:

“I am now getting better results with much less time invested” Neil Dishman, Jackson Lewis

“I more than tripled my volume of business and had one of the most profitable years in my 25 years of practicing law” Neville Reid, Fox Hefter

“One of our wisest business investments yet” Steve Fagan, Fagan Fagan & Davis

“My business has grown substantially this year and Steve is one of the main reasons” David Feinberg, Chuhak & Tecson

“Within 4 months of working with Steve, I brought in more business than I did the whole year prior” Rima Ports

Every client who works with Steve has a unique and personal experience that is literally life changing. His methodology, when applied, doesn’t allow for failure. The testimonials don’t speak about what a nice guy he is or how professional he conducts himself, they speak to the results. To Steve, that is what matters most.

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We not only drive results for our individual clients, we actually contract to coach them as long as they are in business. No one else in the industry does this.