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Group Attorney Coaching

group attorney coaching

Group Attorney Coaching

“Winging it” Doesn’t Count as a Process.  Explore Group Attorney Coaching with Steve Fretzin.

Your firm developed processes for tracking clients, preparing a brief and getting ready for trial, why not for business development? When new business origination is the driving force behind sustainability, it doesn’t make sense to simply let the chips fall as they will.

Steve’s methodology of “Sales-Free Selling” has everything a firm needs to ensure a successful business development culture exists. This includes individual plans for all participants, proven strategies for growing a book and tools to ensure sustainability for all involved. Take a moment and read what our clients are saying about the results they obtained by working with Steve:

“I am now getting better results with much less time invested” Neil Dishman, Jackson Lewis

“I more than tripled my volume of business and had one of the most profitable years in my 25 years of practicing law” Neville Reid, Fox Hefter

“One of our wisest business investments yet” Steve Fagan, Fagan Fagan & Davis

“My business has grown substantially this year and Steve is one of the main reasons” David Feinberg, Chuhak & Tecson

“Within 4 months of working with Steve, I brought in more business than I did the whole year prior” Rima Ports

Every client who works with Steve has a unique and personal experience that is literally life changing. His methodology, when applied, doesn’t allow for failure. The testimonials don’t speak about what a nice guy he is or how professional he conducts himself, they speak to the results. To Steve, that is what matters most. He also happens to be a swell guy too!

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"I use to work on and send out proposal after proposal. Since I started working with Steve Fretzin I can proudly say that in the past 18 months I have closed 95% of all the proposals I have written. In addition, my business has tripled without investing a huge amount of time writing proposals that never get signed." Seth K.