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"“The reason I wanted to work with Steve was because I felt like the success that I’ve had in business development up to that point had been through sheer force of effort. It wasn’t because I was good at it or having actual skills at it. It was because I was I was trying hard in putting hundreds of hours a year into it.

… That year (2012) I almost doubled my book of business. I made Equity Partner in my firm at the end of that year. In the 3 years since then I almost tripled my book of business again.

Steve, it’s going to hurt you a little bit to hear this but I want you to know – if I had known upfront how valuable it’s going to be working with you, I would have been willing to pay you a lot more than you charged me.”

Neil Dishman
Shareholder, Jackson Lewis PC

“I get some business but it wasn’t consistent business. It was coming in dribs and drabs. I don’t think I was organized. I think I wasn’t saying the right things to clients and prospective clients. I was spending way too much time chasing down clients who were wasting my time frankly. And in the process, I was missing opportunities.

...We got a plan. It was a simple plan. We executed the plan and I integrated his approach to what I do.

This year I’m projected to hit a million dollars. I really owe it a lot to Steve. He taught me a lot. \"

Jim Wideikis
Partner at Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP

“The thing about Steve is he really cares about his clients. He really does.

…Things I learned from Steve is what other people already said – he helped me grow my practice to this day.\"

Lane Moyer
Shareholder at Vedder Price

“…The one thing that struck me most with Steve on the get-go, right off the bat, was how dedicated he was to my success.

... I have to recommend Steve again – it’s back to that original point which is he’s a very authentic guy.”

Neville Reid
Partner, Fox, Swibel, Levin & Carroll LLP"

Neil Dishman, Shareholder | Jackson Lewis PC

"Working with Steve has been worth every penny."

" Steve Fretzin is outstanding at what he does. I hired Steve as my business-development coach in May 2012, and as of this writing, I've spent about four months attending his classes and receiving his one-on-one coaching on both my strategies and my tactics. Working with Steve has been worth every penny and every minute I've invested in it. I am now getting better results with much less wasted time and effort. I recommend Steve without reservation to anyone who wants to become more skilled and more efficient at developing new business."

Neil Dishman, Attorney |

"With Steve, I more than tripled my volume of legal business and had one of my most profitable years in my 25 years of practicing law. "

" I am a partner in a mid-sized law firm. I hired Steve to assist me in increasing my volume of business from actual and potential clients, and worked with him and his program for approximately a year. He did an outstanding job in that capacity. I found him consistently creative, punctual, disciplined, energetic, affable, diligent, honest, accessible and very focused on improving my skills. In the year after working with Steve, I more than tripled my volume of legal business and had one of my most profitable years in my 25 years of practicing law. The business generation skills I acquired or sharpened by working with Steve substantially contributed to that success. I HIGHLY recommend Steve to anyone seeking to "up their game" as a lawyer or other professional."

N. Neville Reid, Partner at Fox, Hefter, Swibel, Levin & Carroll |

"You’d be silly not to invest time and budget in his program."

" I’ve known Steve for many years and have always held him in high regard. Steve has worked and networked with me in many different capacities all yielding fruitful results. From meeting and gaining new clients through the President’s Luncheons to completing one of his Sales Results programs, his sales methodology is nothing like I have ever seen and it has yielded great results for my company.

In less than six months of completing Steve’s program, I was able to focus on our core business, identify our ideal target audience, qualify prospects quickly and close larger deals. Until this day I use Steve’s sales techniques, which has helped me close nearly $2 million in sales. I highly recommend Steve and his Sales Results program. If you are struggling to close business or unable to identify your ideal target audience, you’d be silly not to invest time and budget in his program. His program works, and it works very well!"

Helen Levinson, Chief Executive Officer | Indigo Interactive, Inc.

"One of our wisest business investments yet."

" Steve Fretzin's approach was professional from the start, which is why I even agreed to talk to him. I'm glad I did. The name of his company includes the word "Results," and there's good reason for that. Though SRI initially appeared to be a costly investment, it is now regarded by our firm as one of our wisest business investments yet. We highly recommend the SRI to anyone interested in developing more business."

Steven Fagan, Partner | Law firm of Fagan, Fagan & Davis

"The Art of selling Without Selling"

"I have a fantastic business coach and an incredible resource in Steve Fretzin. His methods not only dramatically improve sales results, they improve how one approaches and manages their overall business. I am the type of person who is uncomfortable with typical sales pitches, but his teachings and methods have enabled me to improve my sales techniques and ability to close business without being a salesperson. Furthermore, the communication techniques and management tools taught have a broad range of applications, particularly for those with constant demands on their time, to enable a person to more effectively and efficiently run their business."

Sean Auton, | Horwood, Marcus and Berk

"My business has grown substantially this year and Steve is one of the main reasons for this growth."

" Steve has helped me to focus on my marketing efforts and develop a concrete and practical business plan. My goal was to become more organized with marketing, and Steve helped me to achieve that goal. The bottom line is that my business has grown substantially this year and Steve is one of the main reasons for this growth."

David J. Feinberg, Principal at Chuhak & Tecson, P.C. | Chuhak & Tecson, P.C.


"Before meeting Sales Results, I had a random approach to sales. Since working with them, I have much more focused approach towards marketing and sales, not wasting as much time. Many excellent ideas have generated leads and business. If you are looking for a sales trainer, coach or a new way of looking at sales, I highly recommend using Sales Results."

Rick Franklin, | Warady & Davis

"Today my new business stats are way up and growing every day!"

" Before working with Steve my sales had been flat for the past number of years. In addition to motivating me, Steve gave me the tools I had been missing to take things to the next level. Today my new business stats are way up and growing every day! He was incredibly supportive throughout the entire coaching process and has even made efforts to stay in touch with me once we concluded our engagement together. I would recommend Steve to anyone looking for that shot in the arm to grow their business and take things to the next level."

Nick Saviano, Senior Managing Director | Mesirow Financial

"The Real Deal!"

"Steve is the real deal in coaching attorneys and developing business. I know this from experience. I am an attorney in practice for 36 years, whom he has been coaching for about three months. He has gotten me organized and educated about business development far beyond where I was before meeting him. With Steve's guidance I have developed dozens of new contacts. I am glad to recommend Steve"

Andy Norman, | Attorney at Law

"A Powerful Coach"

"Steve is a powerful consultant and coach, who has helped me develop meaningful tweaks to better serve clients and build business. He understands the special needs of attorneys, and has always given me an A++ effort to help me with my success. I recommend him to any attorney or consultant looking to up his or her game, and I would be happy to discuss my experience with him."

Tawfiq Ali, Managing Partner | Ali Law Practice

"His modern-day approach to sales and time management has been the wake up call that so many of us in the financial services industry have been longing for."

" I am grateful to have worked with STEVE over the past year. His modern-day approach to sales and time management has been the wake up call that so many of us in the financial services industry have been longing for. His model is simple - no one likes to be "sold" to so drop the sales pitch and start listening to your clients! Through his teachings, STEVE will help you become a better listener and in turn, a more effective solutions provider and partner to your clients. I would highly recommend working with STEVE and also reading his book, "Sales-Free Selling: The Death of Sales and the Rise of a New Methodology.""

Benjamin Diedrich, Commercial Insurance Broker | Mesirow Financial

"DOUBLE DIGIT growth."

"Before working with Sales Results we were moving in the right direction, though still lacking in differentiation from our competition. Sales Results showed us that sales didn't have to be a "show up and throw up" mentality. By asking better questions and qualifying our prospects, we are now partnering with them and producing much better results. Since our implementation of the Sales Results Selling System, we have shown DOUBLE DIGIT growth in both profit and revenues. I highly recommend Sales Results for companies looking for an opportunity to grow sales and their bottom line."

Lindsey Shoff, Branch Manager | DesPlaines Office Equipment

"My revenue increased by 52%"

"I cannot describe in full how much Sales Results has helped me in my business. Not only has my revenue increased by 52% in the one year of working with Sales Results, but my attitude in front of prospective clients has been completely different. Their selling system was just what I needed to turn my business around. Now instead of closing only about 55% of the people I am in contact with, I engage in business with at least 85% of the people that come in for an appointment. Plus, the support and guidance from Sales Results is priceless in dealing with all aspects of my business, including marketing, managing employees and networking. I would highly recommend the training of Sales Results. It has definitely been one of my best investments."

Maritess T. Bott, Attorney | Bott and Associates, Ltd.

"The Sales Results Selling System increased my closing average to 90%, up from 20%."

"The Sales Results Selling System increased my closing average to 90%, up from 20%. When applied as taught, you can't help but close more deals."

Scott Kane, Partner | Gray Hair Management

"Quadrupling my business with Sales Results!"

"Plain and simple: In result of participating in and graduating from the Sales Results coaching program, I have quadrupled my business. They conduct themselves with utmost integrity, and are extremely reliable; when they commit to something, consider it delivered. They have always stuck with me during the challenging times, and we have shared many successes together. Do you want to maximize your sales potential? If so, contact Sales Results, Inc."

Steve Hamburg, President & Founder | Eclipsecurity, LLC.

"When I first started Optimal Level, I guess because there was such passion, I was getting three, four, five people a month every month and we were really growing and what happened after about two or three years people turn over and I wasn't getting the number of enrollees in the program that I needed. I know that one would expect the impact of Sales Results to take a little while. That would be the common expectation. It happened immediately for me. When it started to change for me was when I started to use the system that was missing from what I used to do. Where as I used to get perhaps every three/four months I'd get one or two new members, now I'm getting two or three or even four a month."

Linda McCabe, | Optimal Level

""Best Investment We Ever Made.""

"Neil Dishman said it best, when he said, "Lawyers have a disease. Steve Fretzin is the cure." Before working with Steve, I lacked discipline in my networking and forming of strategic partnerships to get new business. I dreaded networking. I dreaded "sales." As a female solo at the start of my career, I faced some pretty steep challenges, but with Steve's help he guided me to a path of discipline, cogent strategy, and more enjoyment of everyday networking. All of this resulted in more business and higher quality business. Before working with Steve, my numbers were all over the place -- some good months, some bad. Now, I have a thriving business with my husband as partner in his first position post-law school. Steve has helped my husband and I achieve our dream of being our own bosses and supporting our family, while being the best lawyers we can be. Always available to chat and strategize,working with Steve is the best investment we ever made. "

Amy Cramer, Founder and Attorney | Cramer Law Chicago, P.C.

"I recommend him to...lawyers who need help in analyzing their business needs...(you know, the things they did not even mention in law school!)."

" Steve came to our law firm with energy, skill and discipline. I recommend him to other lawyers who need help in analyzing their business needs and focusing on how to achieve them (you know, the things they did not even mention in law school!). Steve has helped us plan out what to do next and given us the tools needed to get there. He has written materials and videos on point and his "class room" presentations are great. "

Michael O'Halloran, Partner at Parrillo, Weiss & O'Halloran |

"Steve is an extremely valuable in-the-trenches networking partner. "

" Steve helps businesses of all types grow their revenue through one-on-one coaching of the professionals that generate revenue opportunities, whether or not those people are called "sales people". As an attorney, Steve's practical to implement perspective on relationship building and giving value helped me improve my own approach to business development. On top of all of his "academic" expertise, Steve is an extremely valuable in-the-trenches networking partner. He will teach you the theory of networking. That is part of what you are hiring him for. His network and "give first" philosophy come as an unexpected and welcome bonus."

Greg Grove, Private Equity and Venture Capital Attorney | Much Shelist

"With Steve Fretzin...I had...doubl[ed] my sales from the prior 12 months. "

" I partnered with Steve Fretzin and his team at Sales Results, Inc. in March 2010 when my business was struggling through a very difficult period. We set a goal for the next 12 months that required an 82% increase in sales. By mid-February 2011, I had exceeded that goal by 16%, more than doubling my sales from the prior 12 months. It's great to provide high quality services and work products, but that doesn't matter if you aren't able to sell them. Steve Fretzin and Sales Results have given me and my business the tools needed to enjoy continued growth and success."

Gregg Gaffen, President of R&H Valuation Services, LLC |

"Another very satisfied customer!"

""Another very satisfied customer! I've implemented Steve Fretzins techniques in my current practice with resounding success. His strategies are quite practical and appropriate for attorneys of all levels. I highly recommend Steve to any attorney looking to grow his or her practice. If you would like to discuss by phone, please feel free to contact me directly. I'm more than happy to provide additional insights based on my experience.""

Timothy Fitzgerald, | Stahl Cowen

"Lovin' the Associates Roundtable Program!"

""I have been engaged in Steve's Associates Roundtable for eight months now. He teaches us how to make better use of our time in all areas of business development. I think people who follow his teachings will always get better results than simply just "winging it." I strongly recommend his Associates Roundtable to anyone looking to significantly improve their business development skills.""

Angelo Passalacqua, Sales | Burg Translation Services
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