Level Up Lawyers: 10 Easy-to-Execute Hacks to Unlock Your Full Potential

While lawyers are widely known for their ability to solve problems and argue the law, they also have a reputation for being disorganized, controlling, and perfectionists. These hindrances can keep amazing lawyers from fully realizing their potential.

In this one-hour workshop, be prepared to be wowed by legal experts Steve Fretzin and Rachel Steininger as they walk you through some amazing new ways to be your best self. Topics include:

·      Identifying what you want from your law practice

·      Recognizing the “road-blacks” to success

·      Learning time management as a life & business skill

·      Delegating like a beast

·      Creating your dream job and company

Steve and Rachel have over 30 years of combined experience helping professionals to level up their law practices. Please join us as we remove the “head trash” that’s keeping you from being your best self.

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