The Elephant in the Room: The Taboo Surrounding Sales in Legal

It’s time to address the elephant in the room. We’re not talking about the mammoth stuffed animal in your aunt’s living room, we’re referring to the awkward silence surrounding sales in the legal industry. It’s time to break the taboo and reignite your passion for business development. If you’re a lawyer who’s ever thought, “We never learned this in Law School,” then you’re in luck!

On August 24th from 12-1:15 pm CST, you’re invited to join me, Steve Fretzin: four-time author, podcast host, and all-around legal business development guru, for an exciting webinar. I’ll be demystifying what it takes to succeed in business development without being a “salesman.” That’s right, you don’t have to be a used-car salesman to bring in more business.

During the webinar, I’ll share my secrets to identifying low-hanging fruit and growing your business in less time with greater results. With my proven track record of doubling and tripling lawyers’ books of business, you’ll be a rainmaking superstar in no time.

Thanks to our sponsors, Overture Law, Moneypenny USA, and Get Visible Digital Marketing Agency, we’re able to bring this event to you free of charge. That’s right, zero dollars.

So, don’t be shy, sign up here today and start rocking your business development game. Your colleagues will be envious of your newfound skills, and you’ll finally be able to address the elephant in the room with confidence. See you on August 24th!

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