Learn What They Didn’t Teach You in Law School

What steps are you taking to gain and maintain a solid client base? Whatever it is, it’s not enough.

Are you committed to growing your practice efficiently and effectively? I’m ready to help you succeed.

“I’m a great attorney, so how come clients aren’t knocking on my door begging me to work on their matters?” You’ve probably said this phrase a thousand times to yourself, but what exactly are you doing to get more clients? Our Coaching and Training Programs give attorneys like you a much-needed boost of confidence and lawyer-specific skills so you can build that book!

Key Benefits:

  • Work directly with author and legal business development guru Steve Fretzin.
  • Internalize business development skills that will help your practice today and in the future.
  • Work with a personal coach one-on-one to set attainable goals for your practice.
  • Be a part of a team of like-minded attorneys who share a common goal of seeing their practice succeed.
  • Tap into your confidence as an attorney and as a legal entrepreneur.


Take your practice to the next level (and beyond)

Stop wondering why you’re not getting the clients you want and start putting a solid game plan in place with help from the top lawyer coach in the country, Steve Fretzin. We’d love for you to join us.

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