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Lawyers don’t learn business development in law school. With Fretzin, You will… be that lawyer!

at fretzin we only care about one thing. making every year, your best year.

For the past 15 years, we’ve been the go-to lawyer coach and skills trainers to some of the top rainmakers in North America. Our clients see not only vast improvements to their law practices but to their overall attitude toward practicing law. There are two secrets to our success, and I’m not afraid to share them with you.

First, we only select smart, ambitious, and open-minded lawyers to enter our program. We do this by vetting lawyers in a 30-minute discovery session to identify needs, challenges and goals. Lawyers who make it through FRETZIN’s initial discovery meeting will be invited to audit the program and speak with a variety of our successful clients. The goal of this process is to ensure the perfect fit for both parties. Once we both commit to engaging, it’s GO TIME!

Second, we offer the most robust coaching, skills training, and advisory services for lawyers anywhere in the world. Our experience is that “lawyer coaching” alone doesn’t get the job done. There are so many skills to learn (you know, all the things they never taught you in law school or even at the law firm level) that we need to get you back into the classroom to take things to an entirely different level. FRETZIN’s patented Sales-Free Selling program focused on non-salesy methodologies to make business development, marketing, and branding easier and even fun.

We aim to have you internalize our systems and language to create control, freedom, and enjoyment in your career as a lawyer.

Steve Fretzin Conducting Lawyer Coaching Services with a Client
Steve Fretzin Giving a Presentation

what makes fretzin a great coach for lawyers?

There are so many reasons to choose FRETZIN as your lawyer coach:

  • Experience in coaching attorneys in all practice areas.
  • We incorporate lawyer coaching and lawyer skills training together.
  • With FRETZIN, you are actually with Steve Fretzin, four-time author, host of the BE THAT LAWYER podcast, and top lawyer coach.
  • WE DO NOT TEACH SALES! Our business development methods are soft, nurturing, and relationship-based.

It’s important to note that not all coaches are created equal. Some are industry specialists, while others are generalists. If you need a patent litigator, would you go to a general litigator? Not these days. For over a decade, FRETZIN has worked exclusively with attorneys on growing their law practices. Whether your targets are general counsels, business owners, or consumers off the street, we understand YOUR practice and how to get you in front of these decision-makers in less time and with less effort.

This may be over-sharing, but at FRETZIN, we really GET lawyers. We understand that you have billable hour pressures, time-management issues, and other hindrances that may drive business development to the bottom of the “to-do” list. It isn’t easy to do all that you do and has free time for travel, family, and even taking care of your own health. While FRETZIN doesn’t claim to have therapists on staff, we do empathize and work diligently to help you become the most efficient lawyer and business developer you can be.

what makes a great candidate for being coached?

There are three critical criteria to work with FRETZIN. If you don’t have these three qualities, it will make our partnership very difficult.

  • You must have a need for FRETZIN’s services. In fact, the first thing we would do together is meet up by Zoom to walk you through a discovery meeting. It’s of critical importance for us to understand your law practice, issues with growth, and goals for the future. We would never want to invest time together (unless it’s as friends) if what you needed was not in our wheelhouse. If we identify together that you are in need of other legal services, our resources are massive. We will make every effort to get you in front of top legal service providers to help you solve any other legal needs you may have.
  • We must feel there’s a strong connection. While our program is amazing and, for many, life-changing, it’s not for everyone. A big part of any coaching arrangement is the synergy and connection between the coach and the coachee. After our initial meeting, we should both have a good feeling of a “fit” or “no fit.” It’s okay to say no if you don’t feel that FRETZIN is the way to go for you. In reality, isn’t it better to not engage than to get a few months down the road and change your mind? While we’re not technically partners on paper, we will be collaborating on something truly special, your law practice. Therefore, finding the best fit is critical to our mutual success.
  • You are the player, so play. There’s a misconception that coaches and consultants help you bring in clients. While FRETZIN will make every effort to connect you with amazing lawyers and vendors to network with, the responsibility to develop your book of the business rests on your capable shoulders. That being said, wouldn’t it be nice to have a talented coach calling you the plays? We provide all the planning, tracking, accountability, skills building, and coaching to ensure that you have every opportunity to succeed. The most important aspect of being coached is having an open mind, learning, executing, and improving. If you can commit to that, it’s GAME ON!

how a lawyer coach can take you to the next level

If you catch yourself saying, “They never taught me this in law school,” there’s never been a better time than now to learn the key skills to grow a successful law practice. Wouldn’t it be nice to shave years off of the learning curve of trial and error and get the most business, freedom, and control in the shortest amount of time?

This all being said, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about lawyers over the last 15 years in legal, it’s their need to obtain proof and evidence before investing their time, money, and energy into something new.

Here’s what a few of our amazing lawyer clients say about being a part of the FRETZIN Sales-Free Selling program.



By implementing his processes and methodology I was able to get the time I was “wasting” on “networking” back for myself while almost immediately seeing an increase in revenue. 11 out of 10!



Working with Steve has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my career. His communication methods are adaptable to any practice area and any individual style. The results have far exceeded my own expectations.



Steve was able to “demystify” and transform my entire approach to business development while achieving tangible results almost instantaneously.

are you committed to growing your law practice efficiently and effectively?

if so, i’m ready to help you succeed.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or an attorney at a firm, you understand the importance of building your own book of business. With proven coaching and training techniques from FRETZIN, you can build your book and make every year your best year.

Coaching and skills training with FRETZIN has stood the test of time and continues to improve every year. Our amazing clients develop million-dollar books and take control of their futures.

Here are three scenarios you may have encountered in your career so far:

Lawyer Coaching and Skills Training Session
  • Want to go solo or start your own firm? Using the skills learned with FRETZIN, you’ll have the skills, resources, and confidence to take that leap. For some lawyers, going developing their own firm is a calling. If this is the direction you desire, let us help you realize your dream.
  • Want to leave your firm for greener pastures? It’s sure easier to do with a million-dollar book than without one. Talk to any recruiter, and they will always ask you the same question, “What’s your book of business?” You’d have to admit; the deal will be much sweeter with a book than without.
  • Do you have ten bosses? Five are partners, clients, and the others are your actual partners. That’s a lot of people telling you what to do and dictating how you spend your time. This isn’t the way to get ahead today. Lawyers must build a book of their own clients to fire their partner bosses (nicely) and work on their own clients’ matters.

real testimonials from fretzin clients