Alison Ver Halen: Stand-Out Writing for Your Law Firm Marketing

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Alison Ver Halen discuss:

  • Tools for the readability of your content. 
  • Benefits of writing as a lawyer. 
  • How to use (and how NOT to use) ChatGPT. 
  • Getting people to read your blog.


Key Takeaways:

  • Legal writing and marketing writing utilize two different parts of your brain. 
  • Utilizing ChatGPT (or another AI) to write for your website, articles, or blog can be problematic as it scans other content on the internet and uses that to create its writing. 
  • Own your content whenever you can. Social media is good for distributing content but write for your own website first, then for other publications. 
  • Incorporate a story into your writing. You are not the hero, your ideal client is the hero. 


“We all know what’s interesting to us and what we want to write about. But does your audience really care about that? It all needs to start with who your ideal client is, what they care about, and what are they searching for.” —  Alison Ver Halen


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