Chuki Obiyo: Diversity and Inclusion in Business Development

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Chuki Obiyo discuss:

  • Diversity, inclusion, and equity in business development.
  • Business development as a method and tool of empowerment.
  • The top challenges and concerns people face in business development.
  • The Diversity Business Development Roundtable.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is accountability with your actions in every roundtable or initiative that you take part in.
  • You must follow up after your initial interaction with a new contact. Instead of waiting, set up a next action step at the end of a meeting (such as scheduling your next meeting right then).
  • Having a business plan will allow you to prioritize your time and help you plan for your business goals. It will also help you to be strategic and intentional about those you connect with.
  • You do learn powerful skill sets in law school. Some of them just need to be translated to business development, such as research, documentation, and the ability to be curious and ask questions.


“I’m very excited about [The Diversity Business Development Roundtable]. This is solution oriented. We can ideate and strategize on problems all day. But, eventually, someone’s got to put pen to paper or take the right step. From a diversity perspective, this is absolutely a small step in the right direction. We’ll continue to add steps to that and climb mountains.” —  Chuki Obiyo


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