Clare Fanner: Soft Skills are Critical Skills in Law

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Clare Fanner discuss:

  • Making an impression with purpose. 
  • Similarities and differences in the US and UK legal sectors. 
  • Changing the focus to the client and aligning it to the business while managing expectations. 
  • The enabling power of technology (without taking away from lawyer skills).


Key Takeaways:

  • Every little part of what we do matters. We can and do make a difference, even if we do not recognize it. 
  • While networking had to change during the pandemic, we are already seeing a comeback of in person events as things taper off. 
  • To do your job properly and effectively, you need to take care of the whole client. 
  • Different generations have different expectations of their lawyers. You must adapt a strategy to adapt to the generations. 


“Increasingly, people are recognizing these are not soft skills, they are critical skills. And that is relating to people, having that understanding of how people operate – the human bit.” —  Clare Fanner


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