Clint Schumacher: The Master of Resilience

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Clint Schumacher discuss:

  • Resilience in athletics and in business. 
  • Connecting with those who have gone through similar challenges.
  • Changing the shape of our adversity. 
  • Understanding and implementing your core values. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Failure is an important part of the learning process – we need to learn how to let that failure allow us to become better, not to beat us down. 
  • Our brains are powerful and we often play out situations in our brain – use it for good rather than for harm. 
  • There is incredible power in any word or phrase that follows “I am.”
  • Because of advances in technology, we do less hard things than we used to do. Doing hard things will allow us to continue to grow and learn. 


“Take some time to be still and listen. Find the space to devote the time to you and to the life that you want to lead.” —  Clint Schumacher


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