Conrad Saam: The Ten Commandments of Customer Service

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Conrad Saam discuss:

  • Focusing on what is important to the client right now, not the financials.
  • Seeing marketing as an investment, not a cost or as part of a budget.
  • Be proactive about problems and upfront in your communication.
  • Making helping your clients achieve their goals your goal.

Key Takeaways:

  • When people are hiring a lawyer, they are hiring a person, not your law degree or your mahogany desk. Proving you give a damn and having empathy really is a competitive advantage.
  • Don’t ask clients what their budget is, tell them what their investment needs to be.
  • As an agency, your priority is not making yourself look good, it is solving the problem for your clients.
  • Speak in business terms, not technical jargon.


“We don’t tell them about costs; we don’t talk to our clients about budgets or dollars. Everything is framed in terms of an investment, because that’s what marketing is. If it’s not an investment, it is lighting your kid’s college fund on fire.” —  Conrad Saam


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