Jay McAllister: Leveraging Technology to Build a Better Lifestyle

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Jay McAllister discuss:

  • The value of technology used in the proper context.
  • Coming to the table as a student in all that you do.
  • Working smarter, not just harder, through the use of technology.
  • What separates adequate practices from flourishing firms.

Key Takeaways:

  • The more you illuminate your sphere of knowledge, the more you will learn that you do not know.
  • Understanding the right tools for your firm and how they all work together is key to creating an ideal technology ecosystem for your firm.
  • If you don’t embrace technology, you are limiting the reach of your firm and the reach of your growth.
  • Business comes as a result of relationships.

“All the tools, in their base state, are essentially useless. It’s only understanding the business outcomes that are required, and then pairing that with the proper optimization and setup of the tools, as well as ongoing support and training, that’s what makes it critical.” —  Jay McAllister

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