Jeremy Baker: Lessons Learned in Transitioning to a Solo Firm

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Jeremy Baker discuss:

  • What design and construction law is and what it means at Jeremy’s firm.
  • Jeremy’s transition from large law firms to opening his own firm in October 2019.
  • Lessons learned from going solo at any budget.
  • What wasn’t taught in law school but is really important as regards to growth, practice management, and the business side of the firm.

Key Takeaways:

  • By proactively avoiding disputes and achieving win-win outcomes, it can help avoid the cost and hassle of protracted litigation or arbitration.
  • Small firms and solo lawyers are doing cutting edge things with technology and implementing lean methodologies to increase efficiencies, self-improvement, and improving practices.
  • You can commit on a monthly basis instead of long-term subscriptions which can help in getting your practice off the ground.
  • You must be focused on client acquisition. It’s more than just about practice area.

“It’s an exercise in project management, starting your own firm. The kind of project management that I had to do over the last couple years is really no different, in many ways, much easier, than a lot of the project management that I had to do on major pieces of litigation when I was at the large firms.” —  Jeremy Baker

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