Karin Conroy: Starting with Strategy for Success

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Karin Conroy discuss:

  • Setting your pricing to attract the kind of clients you are wanting to work with.
  • Knowing where your strengths are and hiring for your weaknesses.  
  • Having your own plan for your website that fits with your strategy. 
  • Understanding your strategy to understand your budget. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Start in the right way with your pricing and you won’t have to backtrack later and argue for what you are actually worth. 
  • Don’t waste time and money doing the things that you can delegate to someone else for less of both. 
  • Your website should match your firm. There is psychology that goes behind what the clients are seeing and what they are thinking about you and your legal practice. 
  • You can’t set a budget without knowing what success means to you. 


“Start with what success means to your firm, and then work backward from that – that’s strategy.” —  Karin Conroy


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