Manny Griffiths: The Client Experience

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Manny Griffiths discuss:

  • The importance of understanding the client experience.
  • How Milestones can help you to bridge the gap and provide a better client experience. 
  • Setting expectations for both the client and the lawyer. 
  • Relationships and communication. 


Key Takeaways:

  • If the end result is good, the client could still be happy. But if they are referring you to others, then you know they had a good experience. 
  • Technology is not a replacement for personal connections with your clients, but it is an aid to those individual touches. 
  • The best communicators have the best client experience. 
  • Communicate with your clients in ways that aren’t just emails. Many people don’t check their email regularly, or the emails get misfiled and lost. 


“Technology is just aids. You shouldn’t ever do away with your personal touch and stop giving updates to clients on a regular basis, but you can replace some of your touches with technology. It keeps transparency, when you’re using technology.” —  Manny Griffiths


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