MerriLyn Gibbs: Go Constantly in the Direction of Your Dreams

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and MerriLyn Gibbs discuss:

  • Staying focused on your goals.
  • How Assistants 4 Hire works differently from a recruiting firm to help your law firm succeed.
  • The art of delegation.
  • Business lessons from the game of golf.
  • How you show up every day will determine the results you get.

Key Takeaways:

  • Delegation starts slow – you don’t have to delegate and forget, you can start with smaller tasks and check the work before the trust is built and you can truly let go of those tasks.
  • If you’re looking for easy lead generation, start with your existing clients – reach out to them first, that’s where the low-hanging fruit is.
  • Recognize the value in the bad shots – it’s not about how good your good shots are, it’s how quickly you can recover from the mistakes.
  • Making mistakes is important. The key is not to keep making the same mistakes over and over.

“There’s so much more learning in the errant shots. And that is what makes you a better golfer. Because the next time you see that, it’s easier and easier and easier. And it’s really fun when you pull off those impossible shots.” —  MerriLyn Gibbs

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About MerriLyn Gibbs: MerriLyn’s passion is simple: she is driven to help her fellow business owners thrive by empowering them to focus on what they love. As founder and owner of Assistants 4 Hire, MerriLyn has plenty of experience with managing her team and assessing the needs of her clients – but it doesn’t stop there! She also offers business seminars and productivity coaching for those not in need of outside assistance. Her know-how and unrelenting attention to detail make MerriLyn a pro at setting others up for success.

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[00:00:00] Steve Fretzin: Hello, my Be That Lawyer friends. Before we dive in today’s show, I have a small favor to ask. My mission in the legal industry is to help legal professionals like you take law practice growth seriously. I hope you’re finding value in this podcast and it’s aiding you in growing your law practice. Now, it only takes a moment to make a positive impact on someone’s life.

[00:00:19] Steve Fretzin: If you’re enjoying the show, please help us spread the word. A kind review or five star rating would go a long way in helping us reach more of your amazing colleagues. Thank you for your support, and now, let’s get on to the show.

[00:00:35] Narrator: You’re listening to Be That Lawyer, life changing strategies and resources for growing a successful law practice. Each episode, your host, author, and lawyer coach, Steve Fretzin, will take a deeper dive, helping you grow your law practice in less time with greater results. Now here’s your host, Steve Fretzin.

[00:00:57] Steve Fretzin: Hey everybody, welcome back to the Be That Lawyer podcast, and of course I’m welcoming you back if you’re a return listener, if you’re not, then it’s your first time. And welcome to the show. This is a show all about helping you to be that lawyer someone who’s confident, organized, and a skilled rainmaker, and this is what we do twice a week, every week over, I don’t know, maybe four or five years.

[00:01:16] Steve Fretzin: How you doing today, Marilyn? I’m great, Steve. How are you? Doing okay. A little heat wave going through the mid, through the east and the midwest, and we’re just staying indoors. I played pickle yesterday, but we found a shady court, which was like the only one out of 20. So everybody was like eyeing us down and giving us dirty looks.

[00:01:33] Steve Fretzin: Thanks. But that’s okay. We’re, we’re, I’m doing great. The it’s just a, you know, I’ve just changed from writing for a law publication here in Chicago for like nine years to Above the Law which is a much larger national international publication. I’m very excited about that. Any kind of exciting new news with you, just as long as we’re on the topic?

[00:01:53] MerriLyn Gibbs: Congrats, by the way. Thank 

[00:01:54] Steve Fretzin: you. Thank you. 

[00:01:55] MerriLyn Gibbs: Biggest news right now is that we are celebrating our seventh year anniversary at my company, Assistance for Hire. So, you know, doing some fun promos with our clients, giving them some discounts and just coming up with some new ways to do business and just celebrating the people that have gotten us here.

[00:02:14] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, I did. Most people don’t know this. I did recruiting for about five years and it was hard. It was not an easy business. So I admire anyone that can last in that business and continue to be successful. Let’s jump off the, that and go, let’s go to our our quote of the show. I’m hearing, still hearing regularly that people love the quota show.

[00:02:33] Steve Fretzin: We don’t we don’t miss it. So. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve always imagined. And that’s Thoreau. Yes. Yeah, tell me a little bit about that. Why is that your special quote of the show today? 

[00:02:47] MerriLyn Gibbs: You know, it’s on my fridge. It’s kind of like the mantra of my life. I look at it every day keeps me motivated, because honestly, life can be pretty complicated and derail you from what your focus is and what your dreams are.

[00:03:04] MerriLyn Gibbs: Yeah. And so it’s just a constant reminder and, and that is nothing short of owning your own business. There are lots of ups and downs in owning your own business 

[00:03:13] Steve Fretzin: and 

[00:03:14] MerriLyn Gibbs: just remembering what the purpose is every day. 

[00:03:16] Steve Fretzin: Yeah. I just keep thinking if, as long as I focus on helping my clients, helping the legal industry and don’t worry about me so much that everything we’re in, it has, it has worked out that way where I worry less about me and more about them.

[00:03:31] Steve Fretzin: But, but at the same time, I also, you know, I don’t want to get sidelined by, you know, shiny pennies and objects that distract me. So. Right. That adult ADHD thing going on. 

[00:03:43] MerriLyn Gibbs: Those are fun too. 

[00:03:45] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, they are. They are. I had a guy, a guy say to me recently, he’s like I have a bunch of money and I’d like to do something with you.

[00:03:50] Steve Fretzin: And I’m like, ah, that sounds like a, you know, unless you just want to like keep me doing what I’m doing. Like, I don’t know. That just sounds like, like, I, I feel like I might want to invest or get involved in running a law firm at some point. I think in some, you know, in some states that’s, that’s like a legit thing you can do.

[00:04:06] Steve Fretzin: Yeah. Cool. But even that would just scare the Dickens out of me right now because I’m just so focused on the, on the two deliverables I, I’m offering and staying the course and staying focused. And, and let me ask you this, as a, as a former golf pro and golf coach, I mean, focus, right? So important. 

[00:04:21] MerriLyn Gibbs: Yes. I’d say how I kind of translate those skill sets to what I do now.

[00:04:27] MerriLyn Gibbs: Is every year at the beginning of the year with my golf team, we would sit down and create our goals together. And that would go from, like, what our major goal is for the year, which might be, we want to finish top 6 at nationals all the way to how do we create a practice plan? What do we need to practice every day every week in order to create that goal?

[00:04:49] MerriLyn Gibbs: And that is something I very much do in my own internal business in my own life. It is so essential because it creates transparency with my team. What are we focusing on? What are we trying to do? What are the and, you know, now it’s translated into deliverables and a sauna cards. And what are the dailies and what are the weeklies and what are the monthlies?

[00:05:12] MerriLyn Gibbs: But it’s still the same concept of having that consistent plan, and yes, focusing on it. Like, staying focused on what the overall goal is. I think that takes us full back to my, you know, the original theme quote of, of our podcast today is. Go comfortably in the direction of your dreams because every one of those steps is really creating the purpose for our company Which is really allowing our clients the ability to do the parts of their business the parts of their life That they really love and we take the rest off of their plate for them 

[00:05:46] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, it’s probably in the top three biggest problems that lawyers and law firms have is that they don’t delegate enough and they end up Spending a lot of their very high level time that should be spent doing, you know, get high level work in business development in my professional opinion.

[00:06:03] Steve Fretzin: But they’re doing things way beneath their pay grade, bookkeeping, administrative, marketing, you know, copies, things that are just that to me just seem insane. But that’s, but that’s just, you know, letting go is, is just a very difficult thing. I find for them, Maryland, Maryland Gibbs, just so everyone knows the founder of assistance for hire.

[00:06:23] Steve Fretzin: And we’ve already kind of mentioned a background in golf, but then how do you transition to your, to running a recruiting firm? 

[00:06:30] MerriLyn Gibbs: Well, we are in a recruiting firm actually. We are a full service executive virtual assistance company. Our clients contract with us and then I run my team of eight other virtual assistants that I’ve hired with very specific skill sets.

[00:06:47] MerriLyn Gibbs: We, they do the parts of the business that work for them so that we can create deliverables. So just a quick snapshot of an example that I think everybody can understand. We do a lot of social media specifically for our attorneys. We write the copy. We create the graphics. We post it on their social media platform.

[00:07:08] MerriLyn Gibbs: Usually that’s LinkedIn in the, in the law world. Sometimes it’s Instagram. Sometimes it’s Facebook. Or other profiles like Google my business. We also post there so that processes. We have a lead that’s assigned to the client that lead has a conversation with the client on a weekly basis that includes strategy for social media and any other deliverables.

[00:07:31] MerriLyn Gibbs: We may be having them. She’s. It right now, it’s she’s because both of our managers are she’s and that leads she sends that over to our copywriter with the theme, the ideas, maybe some bullet points that came up in the conversation. The copywriter writes it, sends it over to our graphics person. She creates the graphics.

[00:07:48] MerriLyn Gibbs: And that gets sent to our editor, they edited it, then that gets sent to the approval for client, they approve it, we schedule. So that is the whole process. So there’s five people in that process. The client only has to talk to the project manager and approve the deliverable. 

[00:08:04] Steve Fretzin: But I think it’s an important distinction between a recruiting firm and what you’re doing because a recruiting firm, and I’m, I’m just going to put this out there that There’s VA companies where they’re essentially recruiting an assistant for me and that becomes my full time person or my part time person, but they have to find that person and that’s who I work.

[00:08:23] Steve Fretzin: You’re working as a team where you have a lead and you’ve got a staff that basically can handle all the, and delegate all the stuff that lawyers shouldn’t be doing down to your team and get it, get it, you know, done and out without them worrying. 

[00:08:35] MerriLyn Gibbs: Correct. And you know, the added value adds are one, I am still part of that process and managing that process.

[00:08:44] MerriLyn Gibbs: The project manager is project managing the individual client. We create all of our own SOPs in that process. So it’s a deliverable also for the clientele at the end of the day. And number four is that we really tried to take off all the minutiae in between. Our goal is really that the client only has a conversation with us.

[00:09:05] MerriLyn Gibbs: And I’ll tell you half our clients within about six months say, I don’t even need to approve anything anymore. Guns it out. Like I trust you. I know what this is going. Well, I know what’s happening. Just schedule it 

[00:09:17] Steve Fretzin: yeah, I mean there’s an art to delegation and We sometimes think we can just hire somebody or bring the team in and just like here there’s what I want you to go do it and You know hope that it all works out, but I don’t think lawyers are comfortable with that So there’s probably maybe you can explain this a little bit There is there’s a an opportunity to bring in a team or bring in an assistant and we’re talking kind of generally You And I think there’s how do you on board and how do you delegate where it happens over time where maybe you don’t let go fully initially, but eventually you can let go.

[00:09:52] Steve Fretzin: And I know I have that with my team where I can initially, I have to kind of keep a tight reins and then over time, maybe you can explain that process because I think that’s maybe something people don’t understand. 

[00:10:04] MerriLyn Gibbs: Yeah. And it’s important. I mean, there’s a lot of trust factors here, especially in the legal industry.

[00:10:10] MerriLyn Gibbs: So we start with an onboarding call. It’s a, it’s one hour call with me. It’s a consultation. And I’m really breaking down what the client needs. What are the top areas of delegation we need to start working in? So our 4 areas are business assistance. That’s invoicing, bill pay, we do a lot of that for attorney practices.

[00:10:33] MerriLyn Gibbs: We do a lot of lead generation. That’s our 2nd bucket where we’re actually doing an ongoing process of finding Past clients, prospective clients, future clients for our attorneys and getting them on their calendar and getting them with consultation calls booked. This 3rd area is that daily assistance part where we are managing their ins and outs.

[00:10:57] MerriLyn Gibbs: We’re in their inbox. We are doing their scheduling for them. We’re managing their systems like Leo and practice Panther and the number our last area is that digital marketing component, which we already talked about. So we’re, I’m sitting down with them. I send them an intake form. I’m doing an hour of intake.

[00:11:16] MerriLyn Gibbs: I’m just seeing what their business looks like. Where are their highest needs that fits within their budget? And we start small. So let’s just say you want us to take over your invoicing for you. We’re going to be very hands on at the beginning. Our onboarding takes about 4 to 6 weeks and during that time, we are having weekly calls with everything we’re doing on the back end for our clients to check it, make sure that it looks right, that the process is correct before we actually start doing any work on their behalf and we systematically do that.

[00:11:48] MerriLyn Gibbs: So. Let’s say that it’s a billing process on Practice Cancer, the first thing we’re going to do is go on the back end and clean everything up, make sure it’s labeled correctly, find out who’s 30, 30 days overdue, 60 days overdue, create a tracking sheet. Then the next call, we’re going to go with our client and review that whole thing.

[00:12:05] MerriLyn Gibbs: Like, does this look correct? These are the reports we’ve pulled. You know, and then we create the copy. Like, here’s the first email we’re going to send on your behalf. Here’s the second one. We’re going to make sure it all looks good. So there’s a lot of steps, kind of checks and balances before we actually work on the client’s behalf to build that trust system.

[00:12:26] MerriLyn Gibbs: And what happens is they slowly are able to let go. Maybe the first three months, they want to see every single report of all the emails we’re sending out for invoicing before we send them out. By month four, they’re like, just do it. 

[00:12:41] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, right. Make it happen. Make 

[00:12:43] MerriLyn Gibbs: it happen. That’s 

[00:12:44] Steve Fretzin: it. That’s it. Ready to take your law firm from good to GOAT?

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[00:14:31] Steve Fretzin: Locally at Fretzin we use get staffed up for Marketing Person and you know how good our marketing is. Learn slash be that lawyer. So let’s transition from that to something you mentioned about, about lead generation. Obviously that’s my jam, but I’m not doing that for my clients. I’m teaching them how to fish.

[00:14:51] Steve Fretzin: I’m not fishing for them. You’re actually fishing for them. So. Give me an example of, of a client that you’re working with where they have a need for bringing in leads and how you’re working and how that, how that’s, you know, being fulfilled. 

[00:15:07] MerriLyn Gibbs: Yeah, this is a great question. So one of my clients is a business attorney here in New York City.

[00:15:12] MerriLyn Gibbs: That’s where we are headquartered. And he came to me in September and said, you know, I love all this digital marketing stuff, but I need, I need 20, 000 of new business by the end of the year. And I said, well, the easiest way to do that is let’s go through your past client lists and try to see if we can actually generate some new business with them.

[00:15:34] MerriLyn Gibbs: So into their quick, his quick books, I pulled up his client list for the last 3 years. I created a tracking sheet. I created a one, two, three series for copy. This is our first email. This is our second email. This is our third email. We sent it directly from his email account. And systematically, within about a week to a week and a half in between, we were able to generate 25, 000 of business for him by December.

[00:16:04] Steve Fretzin: Awesome. Awesome. So, you know, one, the first thing I do similar to you is I, I find out what, where the low hanging fruit is. And there’s many of my clients that have, you know, past contacts, past clients, existing clients strategic partners, referral partners that they just are having a hard time keeping in touch with.

[00:16:22] Steve Fretzin: And I’m trying to, you know, either help them automate that to some degree, maybe through lawmatics. Otherwise it’s, it’s up to them to do it or to hand it off to an assistant and it just doesn’t really get done as, as much as I’d like it to. So that could be a really interesting thing you know, for me to consider and, and, you know, bringing you in to work with some of my clients on that because it’s just, they, they have the business, it’s just their time and how are they getting those emails out and how are they having those meetings?

[00:16:50] Steve Fretzin: Ultimately they’re having the meetings, right? It’s, they. It’s just about, you know, just how are you, how are you getting them in front of the people they need to get in front of. 

[00:16:57] MerriLyn Gibbs: Yep. And we can do the same thing with automations. We do do them in automation processes on CRMs. We have done them on LinkedIn.

[00:17:05] MerriLyn Gibbs: Still, I’ve always found that the direct emails, they are the most effective. If you can send it from the email of the client, and they, the person believes that those emails are coming from them, that’s where the bigger money comes from. 

[00:17:21] Steve Fretzin: Well, really good stuff. Hey, I want to transition to something that you’re not expecting me to talk about.

[00:17:25] Steve Fretzin: Maybe I did, but but anyway, I think, you know, I find that there’s a lot of. Similarities in the game of golf and in the game of business. And I want to share one that I found years ago in working with a golf bro. And I want to then also get your take on some lessons that you’ve learned and things that you’ve brought over.

[00:17:44] Steve Fretzin: So this was a story. I mentioned this in my first book, sales, free selling, and I’ll get most people that, you know, that haven’t read it, haven’t heard this, but. He, I met with a golf pro, he said, let me see you swing. And so I hit like 15 balls into a net, one after another, after another, man, maybe I paused three seconds to just get the ball lined up and, and hit it.

[00:18:01] Steve Fretzin: So it was like slap, slap, slap. And then he goes, are you enjoying that? I go, what do you mean? He goes, are you enjoying your swing? And I go, what do you mean? Am I enjoying it? He goes, what do you think the game of golf is? I said, it’s getting the ball in the hole at the downy as well. But don’t you think that if you’re swinging a golf club and that’s what the game, that’s what you’re doing to every time you ever, you know, that’s all game, but you’re not enjoying the swing.

[00:18:23] Steve Fretzin: Are you really enjoying golf? And I was like, what the hell does that? Like my head exploded. I didn’t even know what he was talking about. And then when I was driving home, I thought about the same thing with business development. Lawyers eat business development. I always hated sales and like selling people.

[00:18:38] Steve Fretzin: And so it’s like, can we enjoy the process of meeting people? Can we enjoy the process of walking a buyer through a buying decision and enjoy the game of business development in a similar fashion of when you have a beautiful, wonderful swing that you actually enjoy the game more. So that was like a life business lesson that I learned, you know, maybe 20 years ago.

[00:18:58] Steve Fretzin: And it’s always stuck with me. I don’t know if that story resonates with you. Did you ever think about that as a coach, as a golf coach, the swing, the enjoying the swing? 

[00:19:08] MerriLyn Gibbs: I don’t think I broke it down to exactly the swing, but I would talk a lot about enjoying the process that, you know, it’s really important to love the game, whether that score is what you expected or what you didn’t expect.

[00:19:25] MerriLyn Gibbs: I think it’s also really important to start learning. To recognize the value of the bad shots and I would talk to my my team members my all the time about this. Like, it’s not about how good your good shots are. It’s how good your bad shots are. It’s not everybody’s going to make mistakes. That’s how quickly can you recover.

[00:19:47] MerriLyn Gibbs: And so if you can kind of embrace the. The errand shots per se, there’s way more learning opportunity in an errand shot. You have to think differently. It’s not just a clean swing like you do on the range from a fairway. There may be a, well, there may be a bunker you have to go over. You may have to bounce it somewhere to bounce it off of something else.

[00:20:09] MerriLyn Gibbs: Right? Like, there’s so much more learning in the errant shots, and that is what makes you a better golfer, because the next time you see that, it’s easier and easier and easier, and it’s really fun when you pull off the shot. Those impossible shots and somebody’s like, how did you do that? 

[00:20:30] Steve Fretzin: Experience, right?

[00:20:31] MerriLyn Gibbs: Yeah, because you’ve hit you’ve hit it a million times. You don’t want to tell anybody that but like One shot they have to go over a bunker get to bounce the part of the green to get on the green so I could Still make it far, right? You don’t want to tell people how many times that has happened, but it happens all the time.

[00:20:48] MerriLyn Gibbs: And the better and better you get at it, the easier it becomes. And if you can kind of be like, I got this, like, you know, you’re that true green. You’re like, I got the shot. 

[00:20:58] Steve Fretzin: Yeah. 

[00:20:59] MerriLyn Gibbs: I feel like that is really how business works, right? Can we enjoy the process of the things that may feel uncomfortable or hard or didn’t go exactly the way we wanted?

[00:21:11] MerriLyn Gibbs: And how can we recover from that? And, and this takes me back to delegation, because I do think you can actually eliminate a lot of those things you hate doing, and you don’t have to do them anymore. You can actually find somebody who does like doing them. They’re efficient at it and proficient and effective.

[00:21:31] MerriLyn Gibbs: And then guess what? You get to just kind of focus on more of the fairway shots, right? 

[00:21:36] Steve Fretzin: Well, but the other, the other takeaway is different than yours is we have to make mistakes. We have to have those errand shots to correct, to realize, you know what, I’m hitting everything right of the green. Maybe I need to check my stance.

[00:21:52] Steve Fretzin: Maybe I need to check my grip. Maybe I need to check my follow through, whatever it might be. And a good coach will help you do that where you might not see it or fix it on your own. But no, Mike, I, I golf with my cousin, Mike, who’s like a six handicap and I’m I’m probably a 20 and he’ll say to me, look at, you know, he’ll, he’ll just say, stop.

[00:22:10] Steve Fretzin: And I’ll like, freeze like what? And then he’ll lay a club down at my feet. Right. To show me I’m aiming, you know, right of the green. Okay. Well, let’s, let’s, you know, make the adjustment. But in business, I think we have to. Debrief the bad meetings. Debrief the calls that maybe didn’t go the way that we wanted them to go.

[00:22:28] Steve Fretzin: And same thing with lead generation. So your people are sending out emails to get appointments, and it’s not getting the appointments. So what do we have to do? Maybe we need to adjust the email, the script is off. It’s not in the voice or the, or the candor of the, or neck candor, but like the the kind of the, the speech pattern of the lawyer that you’re trying to emulate, whatever it might be.

[00:22:46] Steve Fretzin: So that’s cadence is what I meant. That, so that’s really what, what we’re, you know, why making mistakes is, is such an important part of it. The key is not to keep making them. 

[00:22:59] MerriLyn Gibbs: Yes. . 

[00:23:00] Steve Fretzin: Right? Or if you, or if you suck at something, delegate it. Right? That’s the 

[00:23:03] MerriLyn Gibbs: It would Fantastic message. 

[00:23:05] Steve Fretzin: I I can, can I delegate my chipping to my cousin?

[00:23:08] Steve Fretzin: Right? And just, 

[00:23:09] MerriLyn Gibbs: I, I, I wish, you know what? I, I, I, I wish that for you so much, . 

[00:23:14] Steve Fretzin: Yeah. I mean, I, I am great. I’m great. Like when I hit it straight, when, right to your point, like when I’m, you know, 20, 20 feet off of a green, I’ve gotta chip up. And I get a case of the yips. I’m just like beside myself about it. I don’t know what to do.

[00:23:26] Steve Fretzin: Anyway, but I think there’s just, I just, that’s one of the reasons I love the game of golf. I mean, I’m, I’m more of a paddle paddle, you know, pickle tennis, platform tennis kind of guy. I like beating up on others as, as a part of the reward of, of playing well and golf. You just beat up on yourself unless you’re, you’re playing with a bunch of guys for money or something, which I don’t do because I’ll lose.

[00:23:46] Steve Fretzin: But I think, you know, there’s, there’s sports where it’s like you’re against you. And I like that about golf and I like that about some of the other sports because it’s just, it’s just all on you. What are you gonna do? Yeah. Business, business feels like that, right? It’s like you, against you. It’s not you against your competitors.

[00:24:00] Steve Fretzin: I don’t think that’s necessarily, you know, you’re not Coke and Pepsi. 

[00:24:05] MerriLyn Gibbs: I was gonna say the same thing. I, I think it’s the same way when you’re a founder or an owner of your own business is it, you really are against yourself. Like every day, you know, you really. It’s really about how do you perform individually that’s going to create the results you want.

[00:24:23] Steve Fretzin: Really really interesting stuff. So if we look at, at what’s missing from the law firm experience, the lawyer experience, we agree that delegation is the beast and that they’ve got to do it. The other thing you mentioned was SOPs and you help them with that. How bad is the legal industry at having their own, like having solid processes?

[00:24:43] Steve Fretzin: Is that like where they just, they’re the worst? 

[00:24:46] MerriLyn Gibbs: I don’t know if I’d say they’re getting 

[00:24:51] Steve Fretzin: better. I think they’re getting back. I think they’re starting to recognize the importance of it. 

[00:24:54] MerriLyn Gibbs: I do have a few clients that are good at it. I mean, I, I do have one that I walked in and she already had a soapies.

[00:25:03] MerriLyn Gibbs: I was so impressed. But we start with a lot of our processes reading SOPs for our attorney clients, because they have nothing, they have nothing in place. They’re just like, well, Mary Lynn, I just do this and this and this and this. And I’m like, Yes, I understand that, and you know to do that, but no one else knows what they’re supposed to be doing.

[00:25:27] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, yeah, 

[00:25:28] MerriLyn Gibbs: yeah. 

[00:25:29] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, so it’s, it’s great, it’s great that you have a process, but your entire team doesn’t, and so everyone’s kind of marching to their own drummer versus being in lockstep. 

[00:25:38] MerriLyn Gibbs: Well, we have a lot of processes in place that all of our client all of our team creates like we have our internal processes of how do we onboard our clients in order to make that uniform so that our team can step in and Easily be able to pick up and cover for each other.

[00:25:55] MerriLyn Gibbs: That’s another one of our You know, our value adds is that we always have somebody on the back end who can cover an account. If one of our team member gets sick or needs to go on vacation or has to be out for some type of emergency, we always have someone who can cover that account. And that’s part of the reasons we keep our SOPs very locked in and, and 

[00:26:19] Steve Fretzin: yeah, really smart, really smart.

[00:26:20] Steve Fretzin: So let’s wrap up with our game changing book. We’ve got a. One that I think it’s been said on the show before, but I’m not remembering because I’m 400 deep into shows right now, but how to be a bad ass at marketing and know how to be a bad ass at making money. 

[00:26:33] MerriLyn Gibbs: Yes, 

[00:26:36] Steve Fretzin: tell me about that. 

[00:26:37] MerriLyn Gibbs: It’s by Jen Sincero.

[00:26:39] MerriLyn Gibbs: There’s some really good comedic moments in there. She gives a lot of personal stories. I have it on audiobook on rewind like whenever I’m kind of not remembering my processes or what I need to do it making more money. I go back to it and she does a lot of exercises like at the end of her book. She has you write things down and create your own.

[00:27:03] MerriLyn Gibbs: You know your own goals and your own systems and your own plans to create more money for yourself. So Highly recommend it. It’s funny. It’s good. It’s unique. It’s not your typical You know, how do you create your financial tracking sheet? 

[00:27:19] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, well very cool Everybody should check that out as we wrap up want to thank our sponsors of course get staffed up Helping people get the full time marketing and admin people in place different than what Mary Lynn’s doing and I love your team aspect I think that’s that’s brilliant And then of course law Maddox, which is another way to go to optimize how you’re automating your follow ups follow throughs how you’re invoicing people getting contracts signed automating, you know how you get your money in to and they’ve been a lot more than that and of course rankings IO And Marilyn, if people want to get in touch with you, they want to hear more about you, they want to get that hour of, of audit and consultation, what’s the best way for them to reach you?

[00:28:00] MerriLyn Gibbs: My website, assistanceforhire. net, it’s A S S I S T A N T S, the number for H I R E dot net. You can book a free initial discovery call with me right there. 

[00:28:15] Steve Fretzin: Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you. You know, this is, you know, one of the more important conversations that we need to have because how are lawyers going to be successful without delegating?

[00:28:26] Steve Fretzin: It just, it just, it doesn’t work. You can’t just do everything and live the life you want to live. It just, that, that’s just not in the, that’s not in the makeup of it. So thanks for, thanks for coming on again. It was more to come with you and I, I just know that we’re going to. We’re going to have to figure out some ways to, to get you in front of some of my clients that want to do the things I’m teaching them to do.

[00:28:46] Steve Fretzin: But you know, time management is fine, but they still need to delegate. Agreed. I can’t wait. Awesome. Awesome. Very good. And Hey, thank you everybody for spending some time with Mary Lynn and I today on the Be That Lawyer with Brettson podcast, helping you to be that lawyer. Someone who’s again, very organized and a rain make skilled rain man.

[00:29:05] Steve Fretzin: I forgot my tagline again. God dang it. It’s only been, it’s only been 400 shots, confident, organized, and a skilled rainmaker for crying out loud. All right, Marilyn. Thank you so much. Take care, everybody. Be safe. Be well. We’ll talk again soon.

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