Moshe Amsel: Profit First through Intention for Lawyers

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Moshe Amsel discuss:

  • Making your business successful by putting profit first.
  • Solving the problems, not hiding behind an excuse or playing the blame game.
  • Setting your intentions for success. 
  • Hiring to make room for new business and provide the best customer experience. 


Key Takeaways:

  • There is an opportunity cost to every problem that is not solved. Once the money is lost, it will never be brought back. 
  • Do everything you do with intention. Understand what you want, have a plan to get there, and go after that with intention in all your actions. 
  • Solo doesn’t mean you can’t get more help. You can have a solo law firm and still bring in other people to help. 
  • Intention – it’s one word, but it is everything.


“What I have found is that lawyers are scared of the numbers. And that fear, which is completely irrational, is actually what keeps them from fixing the issue.” —  Moshe Amsel


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