Robert Plotkin & Cynthia Gilbert: Specialization and Strategic Partnerships

In this episode, Steve Fretzin, Robert Plotkin, and Cynthia Gilbert discuss:

  • Relationships at the root of all business and networks.
  • Business development as a learned skill, regardless of personality.
  • Commitment and the art of the follow through.
  • From generalization to specialization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Different environments are better for different people. Know yourself and speak to people who are doing what you are thinking of doing.
  • Be cautious about being too transactional in any networking situation.
  • Connections allow you to offer your clients fuller service than you would be able to do otherwise with only your firm.
  • People are more likely to remember a specialist than they are to remember a generalist.

“Although we are small and highly specialized, what we want to do is to be able to provide the client with the effective equivalent of a fuller service firm by being able to connect them with the other services that they need.” —  Robert Plotkin

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