Robert Plotkin: Law Firm Automation to Find Your Success

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Robert Plotkin discuss:

  • How AI can assist a law firm and the benefits of automating those things that can be automated.
  • Best practices for selecting automation and law firm technologies.
  • Common misconceptions about law firm automation.
  • Creating a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Key Takeaways:

  • No matter how much we automate, there will always be something for humans to do. Not everything can be automated, but those things that can be, can help your law firm run more efficiently.
  • When you use automation to generate content, you must apply the same level of care and review that you would when reviewing content generated by humans.
  • If you haven’t used much automation, start with the tool that gives you the most return for the least amount of setup effort.
  • You can automate many things on the business side that don’t have anything to do with the document generation or client tasks. This will still save you time and money.

“I still think it’s true that performing legal analysis, in many ways, cannot be automated. If you were to observe, during the course of your day, what all the tasks are you perform as a lawyer and you break them down into smaller units, many of them don’t really require the skill of a lawyer. Those can be automated.” —  Robert Plotkin

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About Robert Plotkin: Robert Plotkin is a patent attorney who has been specializing in software and AI patents for over 25 years. He also enjoys automating business processes in his law firm and sharing his automation and efficiency tips with other lawyers.

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