Tom Lambotte: Cybersecurity for Your Law Firm

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Tom Lambotte discuss:

  • How he entered the cybersecurity industry and built his businesses to help lawyers. 
  • A multi-layered security system for your law firm’s cybersecurity. 
  • Cyber threats to solo and small law firms.
  • Preventing data breaches in your law firm. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Most major case software doesn’t care if you are on Mac or PC. The use of Mac computers in law firms has continued to grow over the years. 
  • Cybersecurity is important regardless of if you are using a Mac or PC or how big your law firm is.
  • Anyone can fall for a phishing email, no matter how confident you think you are in your ability to spot them. 
  • The top four areas you should turn on two-factor authentication: email, case management software, file storage solution, and bookkeeping software. 


“The single easiest, most accessible thing that I still see people not leveraging is two-factor authentication.” —  Tom Lambotte


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