Lawyers Don’t Learn Business Development in Law School. With FRETZIN'S Coaching, You Will… Be That Lawyer!

at FRETZIN we only care about one thing. making every year, your best year.

With 15 years of expertise as a career coach for lawyers, we are the premier choice for the best legal professionals in North America. Our program selects ambitious and open-minded lawyers, uses a robust 30-minute discovery session for vetting, and provides exclusive access to our successful clientele. Ultimately, we help you bring your law practice to unimaginable heights.

Do you know our secret? We offer a sturdy blend of coaching, skills training, and advisory services unparalleled anywhere in the world. Lawyer coaching is good, however, we go far beyond. We deliver a patented Sales-Free Selling program focusing on non-salesy methodologies. It’s about making business development, marketing, and branding enjoyable.

We aim to have you internalize our systems and language to create control, freedom, and enjoyment in your career as a lawyer.

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Can Law Firms Be Coached on Legal Business Development?

While many coaching companies would say “yes” to this question to secure significant fees, FRETZIN takes a different approach.

With years of experience working with numerous law firms, we’ve found that large-scale programs often fall short of delivering tangible results and ROI. Let’s cut to the chase and focus on what truly works for you and your team. FRETZIN offers tailored solutions in two key ways:

  • We provide a concise legal business coaching workshop to offer valuable insights and ideas to your lawyers, pinpointing the most enthusiastic and driven individuals for further investment.
  • By assessing your capabilities and motivations, we help you channel resources effectively. Rather than spending exorbitant amounts on broad coaching programs for a disengaged audience, investing wisely in the right talent proves more fruitful. Moreover, requiring selected attorneys to contribute to coaching fees fosters a sense of commitment and accountability, enhancing performance outcomes.

Are You Committed To Growing Your Law Practice Efficiently And Effectively?

If So, With My Attorney Coaching Service, I’m Ready To Help You Succeed.

Three Scenarios You May Recognize:

  1. Ready to go solo? We’ll equip you with the skills and confidence to make your dream a reality.
  2. Considering leaving your firm? A million-dollar book makes the transition smoother and more lucrative.
  3. Feeling weighed down by multiple bosses? Break free from partner oversight and focus on building your own client base for lasting success.

Unlock your potential with FRETZIN. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a firm, we help you build a thriving book of business. Our proven coaching and training empower you to excel year after year. Join our community of successful attorneys who have mastered million-dollar books and seized control of their futures.

Additional resources

FRETZIN offers free legal business development resources including our blog, podcast, videos and more. Our topics are exclusively designed for lawyers and law firms and offer tips and strategies for growing your legal practice.