Do you hate the word “sales?”
Me too…
Want to hear a secret?

Over the past 20-years FRETZIN has developed “sales-free” business development programs to help you, the lawyer, excel at business development. Our question for you…
Why have you waited so long?

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"In the year after working with Steve, I have more than tripled my volume of legal business and had one of the most profitable years in my 25 years of practicing law."

Partner, Fox Swibel Levin & Carroll LLP

Ever catch yourself saying, “I didn’t become a lawyer to sell legal services.” With FRETZIN you never have to!

FRETZIN teaches “Sales-Free Selling,” which means you don’t have to sell, convince or pitch legal services to develop a sustainable book of business. Our approach focuses on developing stronger relationships, asking questions, listening and walking a prospective new client through a buying decision. If this type of approach is more your style, let’s talk.

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"I no longer dread networking or seeking new business. Thanks to Steve, I know exactly what needs to be done and when I should be doing it."

Shareholder, Davis|Kuelthau

Is “winging it” your current strategy for building a sustainable book of business?

The real question is…How much time, money and energy are you wasting not having a strong plan, processes and the accountability to achieve your goals? If you’d like help identifying where improvements can be made, let’s talk.

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"In the year I worked with Steve, I nearly doubled my book of business."

Principal, Jackson Lewis

What do the words “control,” “balance” and “freedom” mean to you? For the attorneys that work with FRETZIN, they mean everything.

Developing your own clients is THE only way to secure the control, balance and financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of. If these words strike a chord with you, we should discuss if FRETZIN can help.

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"I have grown more confident in attracting and retaining new clients thanks to Steve’s methodologies and his patience in helping me figure out how to stay authentic and connect with clients."

Managing Attorney, The Stillman Law Group

What’s the best investment you can make in your legal career? I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t the stock market or a rental property. It’s in YOU!

The lawyers who’ve invested in FRETZIN really made an investment in their own futures. Business development is a LEARNED SKILL that can leveraged for the rest of your legal career. How much more would you make with originations of $500K, $1 million or more? Let’s find out…

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"I was able to quadruple my clientele thanks to his tutelage. Steve continues to mentor and assist me because he cares that much for his clients."

Principal, Duran Law Offices

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“Be That Lawyer“TM

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While this book may not handle every single possible scenario you may run across, Steve has his finger on the pulse of the legal industry and what lawyers are challenged by every day. Take what you can from what Steve has learned and perfected legal business development, marketing, and networking to make it your own. This book solves so many things, with over 250 plus takeaways if you’re paying attention. It will answer questions including:

  • Does your networking group seem like a waste of time? The solution you need is here.
  • Is your mindset positive about business development and growing your book of business? Oh yeah, we have the goods.
  • Does the concept of cross-marketing have you stumped? Come on, you know it’s here!

Get your copy of the digital copy below!


Steve Fretzin is a four-time author, host of BE THAT LAWYER Podcast, and top business development coach and trainer for ambitious attorneys.

For over 20 years, he’s helped hundreds of attorneys to double or triple their books through highly engaging programs created specifically for attorneys to CRUSH IT in business development. Steve’s goal every day is to help his clients to BE THAT LAWYER – confident, organized, and a skilled rainmaker.

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FRETZIN offers free legal business development resources including our blog, podcast, videos and more. Our topics are exclusively designed for lawyers and law firms and offer tips and strategies for growing your legal practice.

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Business development, marketing, networking, social media and time management.

The BE THAT LAWYER podcast was created to demystify the most challenging elements of growing a sustainable law practice through practical tips, fresh ideas and new methodologies. Each week, host Steve Fretzin interviews top rainmakers, marketing experts and legal tech gurus to explain, teach and present the best ways to improve efficiencies and help break down complex ideas, into simple and digestible concepts.

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