Erica Minchella: Thoughtfully Building Your Book of Business

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Erica Minchella discuss:

  • Finding your way to do business development, regardless of personality type.
  • Business development that makes sense for your practice and values.
  • Insecurity isn’t a defect – make it your greatest asset.
  • Being who you are and making an effort in building your book of business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Relationship networking is one of the best ways to do business. Keep top of mind, stay on social media, go to groups, but keep building those relationships.
  • You have to have a number of different sources of business development to keep work flowing as markets change.
  • If you think there is a group that can benefit your firm or others in your field and it doesn’t exist – start it. Be willing to bring like-minded people together.
  • People do not want to hear everything about you. Listen first, don’t talk more than 50%, and pay active attention to the other person.

“Follow-up is really critical. It makes you look like somebody that you want to take to the next step.” —  Erica Minchella

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