Holly Jean Jackson: Clearing the Headtrash for Success

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Holly Jean Jackson discuss:

  • Not allowing your thoughts to control you. 
  • Why you want a coach in this world of information overload.
  • Sharing your message as an act of love and service. 
  • Getting your mindset into a positive space to find the calm in your life and mind. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Imposter syndrome affects all of us – including those who are the most credentialed. 
  • You can’t have a good sales conversation if all your thinking is negative, especially about yourself and your services. 
  • Don’t start your sales conversations with talk of money. A good sales conversation is really about building a deeper relationship, especially when you’re in the service industry.
  • Set an intention – then you have a path forward and a plan to follow that path.


“With social media, the way it is in the world, we all struggle with, what I call, compare and despair. When we compare and despair, nothing positive comes from that.” — Holly Jean Jackson


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