Lawyers Don’t Learn Business Development in Law School. With FRETZIN You Will!

We work with lawyers in every practice area
At any size firm, from solo to big firms
With no existing book of business or one well into the millions
Our clients have one thing in common.
The desire to create wealth, control, and freedom in their legal careers.

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Lawyer Coaching and Skills Training

Business development isn’t taught in law school and doesn’t get much better at the law firm level. FRETZIN has mastered the art of teaching lawyers to dramatically build their books in less time, with less effort. If you are, truly committed to growth, our program will be nothing short of a game-changer for you.

Benefits include:

  • Work directly with four-time author and world-renowned legal business development coach Steve Fretzin.
  • Internalize proven business development methodologies that you will utilize for the rest of your career.
  • Enter into a safe and friendly environment with other ambitious and driven attorneys.
  • Set a high, but attainable, yearly goal and work with your personal coach to achieve or exceed it.
  • Unleash new confidence in yourself by “killing it” as a rainmaker.

Fast-track your law practice and firm by entering one of FRETZIN’s successful peer advisory groups, the
Rainmaker’s Round Table (over 1MM) or our Business Developer’s Round Table. Each member group includes highly motivated and ambitious attorneys who drive one another to achieve their goals.

Benefits include:

  • Highly structured and interactive facilitation provided by legal business development expert Steve Fretzin.
  • Enjoy game-changing discussions of legal business development, marketing, and organizational best practices.
  • Success through team-oriented goal setting and peerto-peer accountability.
  • We offer some practice area exclusivity to encourage networking and idea-sharing.
  • Individual business development planning and the ongoing coaching by Steve Fretzin to ensure your success.

Lawyer Peer
Advisory Groups

do these struggles relate to your law practice?

If you’re tired of the roller coaster ride that is the business developing attorney, it may be time to speak with FRETZIN about getting off the ride. Some of the issues we hear every day include (but are not limited to…)

  • Time management challenges
  • Difficulty in building a personal brand
  • Inability to stay organized
  • “Winging it” as a business development strategy
  • Lack of meaningful business from networking, speaking and conferences
  • Inability to consistently grow a law practice year after year
  • Lack of quality or higher-end prospective clients
  • Internal firm challenges (bosses, culture, compensation structure)

who we are and what we do for lawyers

FRETZIN is the premier lawyer coaching, skills trainer and peer-advisory leader for highly motivated attorneys. For almost 15 years, we have worked exclusively on lawyers business development. This level of specialization means that we “get you,” your challenges, dreams for the future and truly understand what it’s going to take for you to get there. Whether you’re looking to make your first hundred thousand or your first million, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the three easy steps we take to ensure the perfect fit with every lawyer we meet, every time:


We always start by meeting up on Zoom to evaluate your needs and desire for growth as a business developing lawyer.

We’ll ask you all the right questions to identify your gaps and see if there’s a fit. We only take on lawyers who directly need our help and have the desire to grow their businesses.

We ask for honesty and transparency to ensure that we can see the whole picture, from your strengths and weaknesses as a legal business developer, to the opportunities and threats you face in the marketplace.


If we identify that your needs match up with the solutions we provide, we agree to take the next steps forward. Since we developed the “Sales-Free Selling” model (FRETZIN’s first book), you will never feel sold or sold to.

After the initial consultation, you should feel heard, understood and have a clear understanding of the possibilities that exist when engaging FRETZIN.

Most of our lawyer clients convince themselves that FRETZIN is the right choice by the end of the first meeting.


When both parties feel that there’s a fit, we will discuss one or both programs that FRETZIN offers. The details of these programs are directly below, however, talking them through is usually very helpful. Additionally, for the more risk averse attorneys we offer free audits of our various programs, as well as opportunities to speak with FRETZIN clients around the country for validation.

If our objective is the perfect fit, we want you entering any FRETZIN program at ease and 100% committed to achieving your goals together as a team. One of our mantras is that we are only as successful as our ambitious lawyer clients.

So be prepared to enter FRETZIN’s world with an open mind and hunger to grow a sustainable business.

what fretzin’s clients are saying:

The real question is…How much time, money and energy are you wasting not having a strong plan, processes and the accountability to achieve your goals? If you’d like help identifying where improvements can be made, let’s talk.

I have learned so much about myself and my practice from working with Steve. I call him the “Lawyer Whisperer”!!!! I have grown more confident in attracting and retaining new clients thanks to Steve’s methodologies and his patience in helping me figure out how to stay authentic and connect with clients.

Nina Stillman
Senior Counsel at Handler Thayer, LLP

“Be That Lawyer“TM

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While this book may not handle every single possible scenario you may run across, Steve has his finger on the pulse of the legal industry and what lawyers are challenged by every day. Take what you can from what Steve has learned and perfected legal business development, marketing, and networking to make it your own. This book solves so many things, with over 250 plus takeaways if you’re paying attention. It will answer questions including:

  • Does your networking group seem like a waste of time? The solution you need is here.
  • Is your mindset positive about business development and growing your book of business? Oh yeah, we have the goods.
  • Does the concept of cross-marketing have you stumped? Come on, you know it’s here!

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FRETZIN offers free legal business development resources including our blog, podcast, videos and more. Our topics are exclusively designed for lawyers and law firms and offer tips and strategies for growing your legal practice.

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